About - Josephine Young


Hi! My name's Josephine Young and you seem to have somehow made your way on to my website. Welcome!

I live in Adelaide, South Australia and, in what may come as a surprise of my former photography and art teachers, I seem to have developed quite a passion for photography and pretty, blurry photo art! I particularly love taking photographs of the sea during sunset. Luckily for me, the sun always sets over the sea around here!

I grew up on a farm in the South East of South Australia, where my family managed cattle and horses. We also had a big interest in collecting sea shells. Weekends were often a mix of horse riding and snorkelling... but never at the same time! ;) I now live in the city but I still enjoy being out in nature whenever I can.

I've shot all the pictures on this site with digital Nikon cameras and lenses but I'm also starting to experiment behind the scenes with film photography and a couple of vintage Zenit and Meyer-Optik Görlitz lenses. I'm not sure where these creative experiments will lead just yet but it will be fun finding out!

I am incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support I have received for my photo art. My family has been an incredible support for me as I've pursued this interest and, of course, I am also extremely thankful to everyone who has purchased my art and all of the people who have given their support and encouragement on Instagram. Thank you all so very much! 

That's it for now but there's much more random information about me in my regular Instagram posts so feel free to check them out, but please don't forget to have a look at my galleries and perhaps even buy a piece of my photo art (or two! ;) for your wall before you go. Thanks, again, and have a super happy day! :)

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