Josephine Young is Joblogsandtakespictures. I'm a country girl in the city, with a love of photography and being near the sea. I'm passionate about creating brightly coloured abstract photo art and portraits that capture the character, natural beauty and lighthearted side of the subject.

My fine art photography pieces often incorporate the use of significant motion blur and either the attractive, often pastel, colours of sunrise or the bold statement colours of sunset. I'm very much drawn to photographing the sea and other elements of coastal life, along with the idea of capturing or freezing moments (see my introduction to the "Timeless:Minimal Seascapes" gallery) and the concept of using photography to document emotion (see my introduction to my "The Colours of Happiness" gallery).

I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has purchased my art, allowed me to photograph them and shown their support and encouragement here, in person or on Instagram. Thank you all so very, very much! 

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